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Fenghuang Dancong Huang Zhi Xiang


Fenghuang Dancong Huang Zhi Xiang


A long name for a grand tea. Even though the dried leaves are dark brown, the infusion is pale, flowery and light. The tea sparkle on the tongue. The citrus fruits are strong and light at the same time. A feat for all tea lovers.

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A rare tea with much character. Flavours of gardenia, yuzu flowers and dried plums. It has thin, long and twisted leaves. The tea trees grows on the steep foggy slopes in Guangdong. First known during the Song period when the Chinese went to tea houses to relax. An amber coloured, fine and pure liquor, great style – you can feel light bubbles on the tongue. Limited stock, only for the lucky few – a confidential tea.
20% Oxidised. Origin China.
Steeping time 3-5 minutes in a classic tea pot.

Sold in a zipped pouch. Put in the fridge to keep the savours.

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